Hey there. Thanks for checking me out. I'm particularly passionate about paper and fiber arts especially card making, food, traveling and astronomy. Some call it ADHD, I call it curiosity...either way, I'm never bored! My little family and I now call the Minnesota home, but you can check out the archives to see our other stops along the way. Home is where the heart is!

 I've been working with internet technologies in one form or another since 1994. I earned my wings at AOL's Web Diner and then I took my now defunct AOL skills to New York City where I was a new media producer for a large magazine publisher. I helped produce the very first online banking properties back and then spent several years working for a popular internet travel and cruise website. 

Documentation of life is very important to me. My grandfather had some amazing adventures during World War II but unfortunately did not write it down. Both my grandparents grew up in the Depression and learned to survive with meager resources.  I wish they had documented these experiences more fully. As a result, I love blogging as well as scrapbooking. Sharing pictures and stories that provide the color for life when otherwise all we leave are names and dates.

I'm an alumni of numerous White House and NASA socials - visit my blog archives to see details on these experiences. You can follow me on instagram @saltwaterstamper

Updated May 2017

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